Join and introduce the basics of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Artificial Intelligence tutorial. Smart agents build to solve real-world problems like quest and play, thinking computers, reasoning and the challenges of compliance with constraints. This online Artificial Intelligence course is one of EdX’s leading educational classes.

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  • Duration: 12 Weeks
  • Effort of the course:  8-10 hours per week
  • Course Subject: Computer Science
  • Course Level:  Advanced
  • Course Institution: ColumbiaX
  • Language of the course: English
  • Video Records: English
  • Certificate Available: Yes
  • Session: Self-Paced


The University of Columbia is one of the most significant academic centers worldwide and at the same time a defining and respected learning community in several fields. The University is conscious that its site in New York City is so relevant and strives to merge its study and teaching with broad resources of a major city. The Teachers College, the associated graduate school of education at Columbia University, provides teaching, wellness, leadership and counseling services that are also one of the finest in the world. Consult the Teachers College X portal with the necessary knowledge now.

Columbia has been a pioneer in regional and global higher education for over 250 years. The determination to recruit the brightest minds in search of greater human knowledge, innovative new concepts and contribution to community is fundamental to our broad spectrum of academic investigations.You may want to apply for this also FREE ONLINE COURSE ON IELTS ACADEMIC TEST PREPARATION


What are the popular features of self-driving, face recognition, online application, advanced robotics, missile control and tumor detection?

They are all dynamic real-world challenges that are addressed with intelligence software (IA).

This course will provide you with a broad understanding of the fundamental strategies for developing smart computer systems.

You will study the history of AI, smart agents, depictions of state-space questions, uninformed and heuristic checks, games play, rational agents and questions in mandatory fulfillment.

The development of a simple search agent should gain hands-on knowledge. Adverse search will be discussed by building a game and a machine learning implementation will require linear regression function.


The course online is totally free and anyone can take it for free, although you will be paid an registration fee if you want a confirmed certificate. These are the advantages of this online Artificial Intelligence course.

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