Russian Government scholarships Fully Funded and Partial 2020-21

Russian Government scholarships Fully Funded and Partial 2020-21
Russian Government scholarships Fully Funded and Partial 2020-21

For foreign students under the President of the Russian Federation or RANEPA, applicants are accepted for RANEPA Russian Government scholarships in Russia. This is a completely funded support for foreign students from around the world that can research openly abroad.

RANEPA provides a Russian Government Scholarships for Master Degree Foreign Graduates. Students participating in Russian Government Scholarships are eligible for graduate programs from across the world. It’s not necessary for IELTS or TOEFL, but if you’ve had greater chances. No Payment Required for Submission.

RANEPA is the Representative of the Russian Federation or RANEPA of Russia’s Presidential Academy of National Economics and Public Administration. This is a perfect choice because they give both a full-graduate and a partial scholarship. Below is the information. Also apply for FULBRIGHT SCHOLARSHIPS FOR PAKISTAN 2021

Details of Russian Government Scholarships:

  • Country of scholarship:  Russia,
  • City: Moscow
  • Scholarship degree: MSc Programs/MBA/MPA
  • Duration: 2 Years
  • Financial Coverage of the scholarship: Full & Partial

Main points of a Russian Government Scholarships:

  1. This is not mandatory for IELTS or TOELF, even if there are, more incentives. No Charge Required for Application.
  2. The scholarship term will be 2 years in Russia.
  3. There are fully funded and partial scholarships are available.

Financial Coverage of Russian Government Scholarships:

The Russian International student Scholarships is also a Complete funded and Partial funded. The complete funded scholarship details are given below: The following are:

Fully Funded Master Scholarship:

  • They are covering Full Tuition Fee waiver
  • Giving Discount for accommodation on campus
  • Monthly Stipend will be given (small!)

Limited Funded Scholarship:

  • 10 to 40% tuition waiver for this Russian Government scholarships
  • Give Opportunity to stay on campus hall of residence

Fields of Study of Russian Government Scholarships:

RANEPA Master Scholarship in Russia offers the following areas and majors:

  • MSc in Global Public Policy (Only for Partial Scholarships)
  • MSc in Strategic Communication (+MBA/MPA) for both Full and Partial Scholarships
  • MSc in Global Leadership (+optional MBA/MPA) full and Partial scholarships
  • MSc in Project Management – Whole and Partial Scholarships
  • MSc in International Business – complete and Partial Scholarships

Eligibility Criteria of Russian Government Scholarships:

  • Students from any country can apply for this Russian Scholarship 2020-2021.
  • Candidates will be between the ages of 18 and 45 years.  
  • A valid undergraduate degree will be provided by the students when applying for Russian government scholarship.
  • No IELTS is required for the program if you have it, you would be having more chances of scholarship.
  • No charge required for online submission of application.

Required Documents:

A transcript of course + notarized translation into Russian is needed for students of this University.

● University graduate (the candidate will possess a bachelor degree approved by the state) + translation of notaries into Russian.

● A copy of a passport.

● HIV / AIDS check Verified pathological assessment with interpretation notarized into Russian.

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Deadline of Russian Government Scholarships:

For International students 2020-2021 for a Partial and Full Scholarship there are two separate thresholds for the scholarship in Russia.

  • Partial Scholarship: 15th July 2020
  • Fully funded Scholarship: 10th April 2020

How to Apply:

Please read the following information to apply for a scholarship in Russia 2020-2021:

For Full Scholarship:

Being a complete graduate assistant-ship: prepare a letter of motivation about how to apply for this program and for a RANEPA ISS study? You need to create a zip folder file and submit it to before 10 April 2020.

For Partial Scholarship:

You will fill in the application form listed below to qualify for a partial scholarship.

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